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Romance City Hotel is located at the end of the "Callejón del Romance", one of the most representative places in the city. Less than 15 minutos by foot you will find historical and cultural attractions of the city. You will also find a vibrant culinary and entertaiment life. 
A prime spot in a popular neighborhood where the locals hang out.
Colonial churches, historical buildings, a traditional local market, trendy restaurants and bars, everything within walking distance.

Walking distance of the places Monica visited:

Morelia Cathedral and Plaza de Armas (15 min)

Temple and Plaza de San Agustin (15 min)

Garden Heroes of 1847 (5 min)

Church of Santa Rosa or Las Rosas (15 min)

Aqueduct (3 min)

Tarascas Fountain (3 min)

Romance Alley (1 min)

Walking distance from the places Rubí and José Manuel visited:

San Diego Temple (8 min)

San Diego Causeway (3 min)

Tarascas Aqueduct and Fountain (3 min)

Romance Alley (1 min)

Sweet Museum (5 min)

Cathedral (15 min)

Birthplace of Morelos  (20 minutes)

Clavijero Palace Cultural Center (15 min)

House of Culture (15 min)


We welcome you in the heart of the city

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en Morelia a 5 minutos caminando de Hotel Romance.



Walking distance:

Catedral de Morelia (15 min)

Santuario de Guadalupe (8 min)

Templo de  las Rosas (13 min)

Templo de San Francisco (10 min)


Galleries & Museums

Walking distance:

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (10 min)

Casa de las Artesanías (12 min)

Casa de la Cultura (15 min)
Centro Cultural Clavijero (15min)

Conservatorio de Música (15 min)

Galería Pórtico (5 min)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce a 5 minutos caminando de Hotel Romance.
La gastronomía michoacana rodea a Hotel Romance


Historical buildings 
& Monuments

Walking distance:

Callejón del Romance (1 min)

Calzada de San Diego (3 min)

Palacio Federal (8 min)

Plaza Valladolid (10 min)

Fuente de las Tarascas (3 min)

Acueducto (3 min)


Culinary spots & bars

Walking distance:

Mercado Gourmet Don Lucas (4 min)

Mercado San Juan  (5 min)

Cocina LU (15 min)

Tata Mezcalería (8 min)

Cafebrería Pórtico (5 min)

Chango (5 min)

Patio Central de Palacio Clavijero a 15 minutos caminando de Hotel Romance.
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