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In collaboration  with our friends from Portico Cultural Hotel, we offer you  some activities to make your stay at Morelia more enjoyable. 

Yoga at the Art Gallery


Our guests can assist  to yoga classes for free at Galería Pórtico (4 min walking distance). 


Discover mexican chocolate

In our coffee shop you can enjoy one of the best chocolates in Mexico.  You just have to decide if you want it hot or cold.

Cafe Freud


Join us every  tuesday at 18:00 hrs to talk with renowned pshycologists about different topics of human behavior.

Lingua Coffee


If  you want to practice your languages while you are in Morelia, join is every  thursday at 19:00 hrs at Cafebrería Pórtico. Come and make new friends, so you can speak in spanish, french, japanesse and others.  

Imeri Pambiri


Imeri Pambiri is a young company  especialized in tourism experiences and the purepecha culture. We help you to book the tour to visit the surroundings of Morelia. Visit Paricutin Volcano or Santa Fe de la Laguna, the place which inspired the movie "Coco" and many more. 


Ask about the next exhibition at Galería Pórtico. We invite you to the toast, so yo can talk with renowned artists and meet their job.

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